“There is nothing particularly interesting about one’s life story unless people can say as they read it, ‘Why, this is like what I have been through. Perhaps, after all, there is a way to work it out.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Purpose » Research

Research for the Utah Women's Walk will be based primarily on personal interviews with nominees whenever possible and rely on secondary resources as needed, for example, in the case that a nominee is deceased. Biographies written by others may also be submitted and should be no longer than 1,500 words or five typed pages. Transcripts of the interviews and final biographies will be kept in the George Sutherland Archives at Utah Valley University.

Selection of women featured in the garden will reflect a wide variety of accomplishments by women who have made notable contributions in their field of expertise and have had significant influence on the lives of others both inside and outside of the state. The women chosen will reflect the diversity of the state of Utah based on modern demographic studies and, where possible, will represent all geographic regions of Utah.