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Kathie Debenham,
Women in the Arts » Dance

Kathie Debenham is a professor of dance at Utah Valley University, where she founded the Dance Department, served as dean of the School of the Arts, and associate academic vice president. As an artist-educator, she taught in the BYU Dance Department, and co-directed the Young Dance Makers for over 20 years. Kathie is a certified Laban Movement Analyst and has presented, published, and performed nationally and internationally.
Kay Smith,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Kay Smith is an educator whose love of learning has been evident in her own education, and in her various professional roles to educate others. She has her degree in English and music, and has been an assistant principle at several schools, Principle at Payson High School, and more recently, a professor in English Education at UVU. Now retired, Kay helps migrant workers learn English. A published author, having written for journals and The Daily Herald, Kay is also working on a book that will provide classroom tools for teachers. Kay has been the recipient of a number of professional awards including 2006 Teacher Educator of the State of Utah Award.
Kori Crampton,
Women in Education/Business » Education

A dedicated teacher of English and mythology, Kori Crampton strives to support and encourage her students by helping them recognize their individual worth. Early in her life, Kori developed an appreciation for diversity and respect for individual differences. Her enhanced cultural sensitivity came from living in various countries through her childhood due to her father’s role as a chaplain for the Air Force. This early exposure to different cultures and belief systems is now reflected in the inherent value Kori places on each student, which has greatly influenced her passion and success as a teacher.
Laura Hamblin,
Women of Letters » Literature

Laura Hamblin is a UVU professor, poet, and artist with a long list of publications, including her own book of poetry, The Eyes of a Flounder (2005). With a strong interest in women’s issues Laura spent sabbatical leave living in Amman, Jordan gathering oral histories of Iraqi women refugees. The oral histories highlight the challenges these women and their families face in the aftermath of war. She has been the recipient of many awards acknowledging her contribution to teaching and poetry including School of HASS Dean’s Faculty Creative Award, and Outstanding Service-Leadership Award (twice). She has served in numerous committee and advisory positions, currently, Peace and Justice Studies Program Committee, and College-wide Service Learning Committee.
Laurie Wood,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Laurie Wood is a former associate professor of English at Utah Valley University, where she taught for 35 years. She has served on the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for over 15 years.Laurie also co-founded the Women’s Redrock Music Festival, which has been recognized in the top ten of women’s music festivals, with musicians attending and performing from all over the world. While supporting women musicians, the festival also provides scholarships for young women.
LeeAnne Linderman,
Women in Education/Business » Business

As an executive for Zions Bank, LeeAnne Linderman is named as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking. She is the Director of Zions Bank Women's Business Forum and founder of Veteran Mothers, Inc. 
Linda Makin,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Linda Makin serves as the Vice President for Planning, Budget and Human Resources at Utah Valley University. Prior to that she worked within academic affairs in the budget office, becoming Director of Budget. As Vice President for Planning, Budget and Human Resources she serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet, President’s Council, and President’s Executive Leadership Council. She also serves on the UVU Board of Trustees and National Presidential Advisory Board, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Utah Community Credit Union.
Lucille Stoddard,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Lucille Stoddard worked for Utah Valley University for more than 30 years; she has been a business department chair, dean, academic vice president, and twice an interim president. She has also served as a Regent and as associate commissioner of academic affairs for the Utah State Office of Higher Education. Now retired, Lucille leaves a legacy of service which includes the creation of Utah's K-16 Alliance, which partners elementary and secondary education providers with those in higher education for the enhanced success of students throughout their educational pathways. A scholarship fund in her honor, the Lucille T. Stoddard Scholarship, supports students in the UVU College of Science & Health.
Luz Escamilla,
Women in Public Service » Politics

Luz Robles Escamilla is the senator for the Utah State Senate’s 1st District, and is a director for Zions Bank. She holds a master’s in public administration and has received the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Pathfinder Award, the SBA Award, and the Pete Suazo Memorial Award. She has served as a board member for the University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Regence Caring Foundation, the Utah Health Policy Project, the Primary Children’s Medical Center, and various senate committees.
Maria Antonieta Mejia,
Common Roles/Uncommon Lives »

Maria Mejia is a loving mother who braved the perilous journey across the U.S. border in order for her children's quality of life to improve.
Mary Crafts Homer,
Women in Education/Business » Business

Mary Crafts Homer is the founder and CEO of Culinary Crafts. Mary learned a great deal about business from her father, who was an example to her of initiative, entrepreneurship, and service. Graduating from BYU with a degree in social work, she served as a social worker and parole officer before starting her culinary business in 1984. With a passion for cooking and only $150 in the bank, Culinary Crafts has now become the largest caterer in the State of Utah. Culinary Crafts success was catapulted by landing the contract to cater the International Olympic Committee during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Culinary Crafts also has an impressive list of famous clients, including the President of the United States and Oprah. In addition, Mary’s public profile was boosted through a TV cooking show she hosted for 13 years. Mary has received numerous culinary awards including Best of State nine times, two prestigious CATIE Awards from the International Caterers Association, and twice named Outstanding Business Woman of the Year.
Mia Love,
Women in Public Service » Politics

Mia Love is a U.S. Representative from Utah's 4th Congressional District serving as the first Haitian American and first black female Republican in Congress. She is also the former mayor of Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Photograph by Gage Skidmore.
Muriel Allred Allridge,
Common Roles/Uncommon Lives »

Muriel Allridge has lived her life committed to family, church, and community. She has served in various LDS Church leadership positions and as PTA president twice. She is an accomplished pianist and former piano teacher. Her daughters describe her as the perfect example of a woman, who has served others and handled her own personal challenges with grace and wisdom.
Olive Osmond,
Common Roles/Uncommon Lives »

Olive Osmond (1925-2004), affectionately referred to as, "Mother Osmond," mother of the Osmond singing family is remembered for her love of learning, family, and others . She established the Osmond Foundation charity, now called Children’s Miracle Network, which raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children’s health issues. Devoted to her LDS faith, she was a steady and grounding influence to her famous children, and an influence for good to many.
Patricia Quijano Dark,
Women of Letters » Education

Patricia Quijano Dark is a recognized, award-winning communications professional. Notably, she is editor of El Observador, Deseret News' Spanish newspaper, and co-founder of Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) - the first bilingual school in Utah. She also served as executive director for Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (March 2007 – September 2009). Patricia is a graduate of Columbia University and a strong advocate for higher education; giving particular support toward educational opportunities and success for the Latino population in Utah.
Patti Harrington,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Patti Harrington's long and distinguished career in public education has spanned over 35 years. She became the state superintendent of Public Instruction in 2004, stepping up from associate superintendent. Before that, she was superintendent of the Provo School District, and principal of Provo High School. Dr. Harrington now serves as executive director of the Utah School Superintendents Association, and sits on the Utah School Board as she represents the forty-one districts across the State during legislative session on the Hill.
Patty Timbimboo Madsen,
Common Roles/Uncommon Lives »

Patty Timbimboo Madsen is a Native Utah Shoshone who is committed to teaching and preserving cultural resources including the native language. She is the current Cultural & Natural Resource Manager for the Northwestern Band of Shoshone and is intent on keeping water sources clean and free from chemical wastes for generations to come. Patty oversaw the establishment of a library at the Shoshone Center. She serves on the state Native American Remains Review Committee, and is responsible for taking care of human remains (relocating them to protected places). Patty serves as a member of the Utah Board of State History and has authored a children’s book.
Peggy Pasin,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Peggy Pasin is the coordinator of the Women’s Success Center at Utah Valley University. She is responsible for administrating over two million dollars to women who are survivors of domestic violence, through the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP). Since 1996, she has played a major role in the development of the Women’s Advisory Center, now known as the Women’s Success Center. In 2009, the Utah Domestic Violence Council presented her with an award for family violence prevention. Peggy serves on the Women’s Advisory Council for the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and advisory board member for UVU Suicide Prevention Task Force.
Reba Keele,
Women in Education/Business » Education

Reba Keele is known for her various accomplishments throughout the academic community. She was the first woman director of the BYU Honors Program, and the founding dean of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah. She was director of Faculty Relations at Utah Valley State College, and received the Willard Gardner Prize in Business by the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Professor Keele currently teaches Public and Community Health at Utah Valley University.
Rebecca Lockhart,
Women in Public Service » Politics

Rebecca (Becky) Lockhart (1968-2015) was the first woman in Utah history to serve as Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives. Recognized for her inclusive, collaborative leadership style she will be remembered as one who valued all voices and the open process of weighing every view-point on an issue. Lockhart passed away in 2015 from a rare neurodegenerative brain disease, but her passion for the legislative process and the state of Utah lives on.
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